Saturday 12 February 2022

John Mearsheimer is pretty well always right


Professor John Mearsheimer the famous American foreign policy realist, talking to an idealistic left-wing journalist on The New Yorker.  

"The question on the table is: who bears responsibility for this crisis? Is it Russia or, let’s be honest, is it the United States? The Russians made it manifestly clear after the Bucharest declaration in 2008 that they were adamantly opposed to nato expansion into both Ukraine and Georgia, and that it was not going to happen. They made that point manifestly clear after February, 2014. Throughout this crisis, they have emphasized time and time again that it is not going to happen. .... The only way this can be resolved is with the U.S. and nato saying that Ukraine will not become part of nato. The Russians want it in writing. And I think this crisis will go away once this happens.”

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