Saturday 5 February 2022

Nationalism and love of country


Nationalism in the French Revolutionary sense - a derivation of 'fraternité', implies people have the right to rebel against a foreign monarch or ruler. It is something I reject. All Christians should - we are called to be submissive to the lawful authority placed over us (think the Emperor Tiberius). It leads to all sorts of bad things like the American revolution and other insurrections. It leads to people like Gandhi, Nehru, the Stern Gang, etc. People sometimes nowadays seem to confuse nationalism, a revolutionary doctrine, with putting the nation in first place in one's list of political priorities, something all patriots do.


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  2. I was once in a hotel bar in Mthatha, in South Africa, where a tekevision was on. There was a documentary about the release of Nelson Mandela. A stranger walked in, and, after a few minutes, expressed his opinion that, "Nelson Mandela is a criminal."

    A lively discussion ensured, fortunately in English, since my Xhosa was even worse than my Romanian is now. It was a memorable and enjoyable evening. Whoever said one shouldn't discuss politics in a pub?

    1. One should - I should go to pubs. Obviously Mandela committed crimes. No-one questions this.