Friday 10 March 2023

America is aggressively meddling in the affairs of other nations

'He who has ears to hear, let him hear!' (Matthew 11:15)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his nightly broadcast to the nation the night before last, thanked the Georgian protesters who rallied with Ukrainian flags late on March 8, expressing "sincere respect for Georgia" and said

"There is no such Ukrainian who would not wish success to our friendly Georgia… We want to be in the European Union - and we will. We want Georgia to be in the European Union, and I am sure: it will be."
It does look, even to the most innocent observer, reminiscent of the colour revolutions, intended to weaken and overthrow governments in the former USSR friendly to Moscow. 

I rejoiced at those revolutions, but now see them as part of a new Great Game, played by America in the place of England against Russia. 

Who cannot by now?

The colour revolutions provoked the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. 

This can't really be denied, can it?

Last month Samantha Power an American diplomat went unofficially to Hungary to talk to opposition leaders and NGOs to 'strengthen democratic institutions and civil society'. Even Hungary which is in Nato is not exempt from US interference. 

Nor have I forgotten Biden's interventions about Northern Ireland in British internal affairs.


  1. The government of Hungary certainly has its faults - but I would rather be governed by Prime Minister Orban than by Samantha Poiwer (or her "Nudge" husband), And, yes, it is none of the business of the United States who the Hungarian people elect - or who the people of any country elect. "democratic institutions" turns out to mean viciously anti democratic institutions - pushing the leftist agenda of the American government and international "Woke" Corporations.

  2. They're trying to push the woke agenda - ultra-individualism, destruction of the family and all traditional structures of society, economic and agricultural suicide in the name of green policies - that's a very hard sell to post-Communist societies.

    1. I think it is slowly coming here. Eastern Europe outside the European Union is not yet tainted. Ukraine for example is still conservative.

  3. All of the Color Revolutions more or less failed, so there's that consolation.

  4. History didn't begin in 2014. There were plenty of "color revolutions" staged by the Soviets/Russians in the region before the West even got seriously involved. Was the Russian invasion of Moldova in the early 90s also caused by American meddling? No. So Russian invasions happen, regardless of what Americans do. Russians then justify the invasion, either because they are fighting Nazis, fighting the West, protecting Russian ethnics, etc. They can use any excuse because their population is ignorant.

    1. I suppose spheres of influence are out of date but the Monroe Doctrine is not, which is a paradox. Syria, for example, is Russia's ally and the USA should leave her alone. So should Israel and Turkey. But instead they intervene quite illegally.