Saturday 18 March 2023


“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” Oscar Wilde

“Before Pope Francis, it was by no means clear that the Church was really prepared to take climate science seriously. It is now clear that you cannot be a Christian and at the same time deny that climate change is an issue.” Ottmar Edenhofer, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, talking to Time magazine this week.

"We are further from the world of our great-grandparents than they were from the world of Charlemagne" Christopher Dawson, 'The Making of Europe' (1956)

"I do not wish you to be able to point to any particular time when you renounced the world (as it is called), and were converted; this is a deceit." St John Henry Newman, Parochial and Plain Sermons, Sermon 24, delivered at Oxford when he was an Anglican. 

"Well yes, I have been saved... but in my case it was such a close-run thing that I thought I had better keep quiet about it."
Sir Alec Douglas-Home

“The circus of politics for the last six years has become farcical and the low depths of farce were reached in the last six months until Rishi Sunak took over.” Lord (Ken) Clarke of Nottingham in the Mirror, December 10, 2022. No-one will argue with him on this.

"The England of my affection and devotion is not a country nor a people: it is a tradition, the finest tradition the world has ever produced. The Labour Party do not subscribe to that tradition; do not know it; could not feel it..." Robert Blatchford, English early socialist, prominent atheist and opponent of pacifism and eugenics. 

"The golden rule will not work in international politics, because the nations are not good enough to live up to it. Real Socialism strongly resembles real Christianity. It is a counsel of perfection and cannot be adopted and adhered to by our imperfect humanity. There is nothing the matter with Socialism, but the people are neither wise enough nor good enough to make it a success." Robert Blatchford in 1923. I disagree, by the way. There is a lot wrong with socialism.

"Socialism is a terrible doctrine but the worst thing about socialists is that they are liberals too." Dr. Andrew Fear


  1. It so happens that last Sunday was of Gregory Palama in this calendar, he who dealt with the matter of the Oscar Wilde quote. The rest of them, I'd need translated.

  2. Catholic sermons in Newman's day were short and plainspoken, without care for literary style and not written down. Very few of his Catholic sermons survive.