Friday 31 March 2023

Caitlin Johnstone, though a left-winger, is right


"NATO exists to manage the risks created by its existence,” Professor Richard Sakwa once wrote in an attempt to articulate the absurdity of the military alliance's provocative nature on the world stage. At some point Australians must wake up to the fact that this is equally true of AUKUS: we're told the military alliance exists for our protection, but its very existence makes us less safe.

"As former prime minister Paul Keating recently observed in the Australian Financial Review, this government's As former prime minister Paul Keating recently observed in the Australian Financial Review, this government's justification for the AUKUS alliance and the obscenely expensive nuclear submarine deal that goes with it has been all over the map, first claiming that it's to protect our own shores from a Chinese attack, then pivoting to claiming it's to protect sea lanes from being blocked off by China after Keating dismantled the first claim at the National Press Club two weeks ago.

"One thing Canberra has struggled to do is to explain exactly why China would launch an unprovoked attack on Australia or its shipping routes; the former couldn't yield any benefit that would outweigh the immense cost even if it succeeded, and the latter is absurd because open trade routes are what makes China an economic superpower in the first place."

Caitlin Johnstone, a left-winger but the old-fashioned kind who is hostile to America and opposed to war.

Obviously she is right. 

Yet Romanian newspapers talk about the danger of disinformation from TikTok. 

Discount everything the Western international global establishment says about disinformation. They simply want a monopoly on disinformation. 

Now that the left has captured the state and its armed forces most people on the left love the authorities, the experts and idealistic wars. 

The neo-cons, who were never in the least conservative, always did.

Unlike some cynical Romanians I do not think the US State Department wanted the invasion of the Ukraine (please say, gentle reader, if I missed the evidence), but it gives them everything they could desire. 

To Hades with Putin for starting this murderous and very, very stupid war. Now it is not just an eternal and pointless cold war with Russia but with China too. 


  1. It was not Putin who started this war though. Ukraine was very clearly the aggressor by bombing the Donbass Russians and Putin responded quite rightly to protect his people from slaughter. The Kiev government have lost the right to rule over ethnic Russians.

    1. The Donbass is legally part of Ukraine and the Donbass republics were created by Igor Girkin and shortly after adopted by the Kremlin as puppet 'states'. So Girkin and the Kremlin are the aggressors, though America certainly behaved foolishly.

    2. This is nonsense. The 2014 Putsch was illegal and unconstitutional so the Donbass had every right to break away from Kiev and with Russia’s help. Why should Donbass Russians be forced to cooperate with an illegal and hostile government? Putin ought to have recognised the republics back in 2014 and he has admitted this mistake.

    3. Iternational law is clear. Donbass undoubtedly in Ukraine, coup or no coup.

    4. I speak as someone who thinks the Southern states had the right to secede in 1861