Tuesday 28 March 2023

US trained soldiers were responsible for 8 coups in West Africa since 2008

News from the USA.  On Thursday during a House of Representatives Armed Services Committee hearing Republican Matt Gaetz quoted an article in The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald's magazine) that revealed that US-trained officers had staged at least eight successful coups against civilian governments in West Africa alone since 2008. 

Mr Gaetz asked General Langley whether the Pentagon's "core values" instilled in training were compatible with Colonel Mamady Doumboya overthrowing the Guinean government while his unit was being trained by the US Green Berets in September 2021. 

The answer was of course that America instils in the soldiers it trains the importance of civilian rule. 

The lessons don't seem to be learnt, though. 

The transcript is here. 

I don't know if this piece of information has any significance. Probably not. 

It is noteworthy that America intended to withdraw her troops from Europe when Germany was defeated, hung around for the Cold War and now 32 years after that ended is involved all round the world. 

The USA stopped being the republic created by the founding fathers thanks to Lincoln and the war he made on the South. Franklin Roosevelt put the final nail in its coffin. Thanks to Truman and his successors it is now an empire.

It is noteworthy that America stayed in Europe after 1945 to defend democracies and freedom against atheistic Communism, but now the values she defends have broadened to include feminism and sexual freedom.

These things are not popular in all parts of the world or even in all parts of the USA. Certainly not in parts of Africa, where old-fashioned Christian moral theology is the norm. 


  1. Matt Gaetz is a polished turd; a pervert for whom truth is a stranger.
    To even reference him damages beyond repair any point you are trying to make.

  2. He was just a name to me until a moment ago, but Wikipedia just informed me that "he is a staunch proponent of far-right politics", so far right in fact that he supported Jeb Bush's campaign in 2016.

  3. Is he relevant to the number of coups US trained soldiers carried out?

  4. PVE complains about the BBC, but is credulously quoting many nutcases and slimeballs lately.

  5. I would point out that Sandhurst trained officers have carried out a good deal more, certainly in Africa