Saturday 18 March 2023

Closing tabs

I am closing tabs on my laptop. Here are some aides mémoire for me and links that may interest you.

Yet another article I want to read about the decline and fall of Western civilisation, this time by African-American Professor Glenn Loury.

An article about the Columbian philosopher Nicolas Gómez Dávila which I really must read. He is a terribly good aphorist, up there with Malcolm Muggeridge. 

James M. Patterson on Wokeness and the New Religious Establishment. It looked good. I realised that anti-discrimination can only be understood as a religion more than two years before I read it anywhere, just so you know.

A BBC documentary about Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. I don't buy the attempt to use the Banderists as a justification for Russia's invasion, but I recommend watching it. I saw a lot of it.

A not madly interesting article by Justine Picardie about covert coats, which men in the City loved in 1985, as did the Marquess of Queensbury who wrote the rules of boxing and whose son slept with Oscar Wilde. Nigel Farage wears one always. I have come to love them too. They are formal and informal, good in town and country (as if I ever venture out of the centre of cities), Victorian but contemporary.

I think the author was at Cambridge in my time. She confuses velvet collared covert coats with the velvet collared camel overcoats that the spiv Arthur Daley (played by George Cole) in the 1980s TV series Minder wore. 

The article slightly has the faults of my Cambridge generation (moi?): glib, knowing and de haut en bas. But what a beautiful name she has.


  1. It was of course the the Marquess of Queensbury not the Marquess of Salisbury who wrote the rules of boxing and whose son

    1. (Cont'd) whose son Bosie was Wilde's catamite. I am grateful to the reader who pointed this out to me.