Friday 24 March 2023

The transformation of Europe is a far bigger story than the war in Ukraine, but little discussed


 "The fact is that the people of Europe are losing their homelands, and therefore losing their place in the world. I don’t envisage the Tiber one day foaming with much blood, nor do I see it blushing as the voice of the muezzin sounds from the former cathedral of St. Peter. But the city through which the Tiber flows will one day cease to be Italian, and all the expectations of its former residents, whether political, social, cultural, or personal, will suffer a violent upheaval, with results every bit as interesting as those that Powell prophesied. " Sir Roger Scruton

“Bizarrely, as immigration began to change Europe at its economic and cultural core, the political vocabulary remained the same as when immigration had been a fringe phenomenon. People kept talking about restaurants.” Christopher Caldwell, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West

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  1. The governments of Hungary and Poland are resisting this international agenda and they are correct to do so - but the European Union will blackmail them, it will demand they open their borders and destroy their national cultures, or lose the E.U. money. Will they have the moral courage to reject the E.U. money?