Saturday 17 June 2023

Boris is not a conservative and the pandemic was not a pandemic


I don't have time to blog but very briefly, yes of course the BBC and Remainer establishment were gunning for Boris. 

This has nothing to do with whether he lied to the Commons or recklessly misled it. It is clear he did. 

He allowed parties at No 10 Downing St while preventing the Queen's subjects from seeing their dying relatives in hospital. 

The Queen had to sit alone at her husband's funeral. A party had taken place at No 10 Downing St the night before.

So he has to go and he will not come back. 

He will shirk a fight he could have if he contested a by-election, just as he shirked the Tory leadership election after Gove stood against him in 2016. 

He has no intention of another political career since it would mean hard work and bring him more defeat.

He boasted he believed in having his cake and eating it but birthday parties contributed to his come-uppance.

The best thing I saw recently about the whole Partygate and pandemic fiasco was this.

The thread is here.

Boris was Hillary Clinton in drag. He was a neo-con. He modelled himself on Churchill when the world needed a Stanley Baldwin, a man who dedicated himself to avoiding war with Hitler. 

Boris's legacy was, despite Theresa May's catastrophic mess, achieving a reasonable Brexit. That his only legacy but it is a very great deal indeed, if you think it is.

Boris can't be blamed for the lockdowns. The public,  scared by the media, demanded them. 

Still, Brexit apart, his legacy was very dreadful.

It was especially dreadful in two respects: encouraging Zelensky  not to continue to negotiate with Putin and climate totalitarianism.

In one respect he was not a Churchillian. Churchill told the cabinet in January 1955 that Keep England White would be a good election slogan, whereas Boris loved mass immigration and wanted millions of Chinese to come to England from Hong Kong.

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  1. An economic conservative is someone who reduces government spending, reduces taxes, reduces regulations and restores sound money (traditionally gold or silver - or both) - Prime Minister Lord Liverpool springs to mind. Sadly Prime Minister Johnson did none of these things - and when he did have good ideas, such as opposing the "Lockdown" and opposing "HS2" he gave way under the terrible pressure of our modern Progressive (and international) establishment.

    A social conservative is someone who stands against the attack on the family and other traditional societal institutions and cultural traditions - an attack that started with the French (NOT the American) Revolution, was pushed in this country by the Fabians and the Bloomsbury Set, but really gained a stranglehold from the 1960s onwards - Mr Johnson was clearly never a social conservative. But then being a social conservative in the United Kingdom is almost impossible. For example Donald John Trump does not claim to be particularly socially conservative, but he opposes abortion (even going on the "march for life" - something that both his friends and his enemies do not seem to have noticed, although no other President ever did so) and appointed judges who shared his opposition to the idea that there is a "Constitutional right" to abortion - no front rank politician in the United Kingdom could oppose abortion.