Tuesday 20 June 2023

Srdja Trifkovic: "The Ukrainian campaign is Russia's struggle to retain its status as a great pow­er".

"The Ukrainian campaign is not just the fight to retain strategic depth along Russia’s vulnerable southwestern flank; it is also the struggle to retain its status as a great pow­er. The Biden administration is now more than ready for reckless escalation, a deadly game of chicken with nuclear stakes. The future is dark."
Srdja Trifkovic, in Chronicles.

I agree with the first and third sentences but not with the second.  

Had America sent troops to Ukraine before Russia invaded I wonder what would have happened.



    Blinken Tells Xi Jinping U.S. Does Not Support Taiwanese Independence

    Jun 19, 2023

    1. Here’s why @SecBlinken
      changed his tone on Taiwan. Not because the US has changed its war plans against China. No, it’s because pro-China political parties lead the polls in Taiwan. If they win in 2024 they will peacefully join China. Bad for US war plans.

      Kim Dotcom

  2. I know some of you may find it hard to believe that the realities on the ground are so at odds with the mainstream media's coverage. But it’s worth recalling that the American public was assured for two decades that we were winning in Afghanistan. All of that reporting was revealed as a pack of lies when the Afghan army that we were supposedly “standing up” collapsed within a matter of weeks. At that point, the media stopped reporting on Afghanistan, just like it had stopped reporting on Iraq, instead of holding anyone accountable.

    Unfortunately, it looks like we're headed for a similar kind of outcome in Ukraine. The only question is when, and how long Biden will be able to perpetuate a proxy war of choice that could have easily been avoided.

    1:34 AM · Jun 20, 2023 2.5M Views

  3. 'it is also the struggle to retain its status as a great pow­er'

    I think 'to reclaim... its status as a great power' reflects better the gopolitical reality.