Thursday 29 June 2023

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“Modern man has begun a terrible war against God and against man: a satanic war. This is why the spiritual battle with evil is part of the Christian life," Cardinal Robert Sarah

"As one disgruntled and very famous senior journalist once said to me: ‘The problem is not just that younger journalists are remarkably privileged, coming from affluent families that either already live in London or can afford to set them up in London. It’s also that they increasingly see themselves as political activists who are in media to ‘change the world’ rather than search for truth in an objective and neutral way." Matt Goodwin

"The doll has faced decades of criticism, with some suggesting that the toy’s slender proportions would render Barbie unable to walk if she was real, and that the character’s preoccupations presented her as materialistic and unintelligent. A 1992 talking doll uttered phrases such as “I love shopping”, “Will I ever have enough clothes?”, and “Math class is tough”, prompting concerns about the example being set for young girls." News story in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

"Our response to Covid also encouraged our governing elites’ technocratic instinct for social engineering. Many now believe that it is reasonable to restrict liberties more widely “for the greater good”, including on net zero grounds." Allister Heath 
in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

"When the Berlin Wall came down the proportion of the world in extreme poverty (as defined by the World Bank) was at 38 per cent. At the turn of the century, it was 30 per cent. Now it’s at 8.5 per cent, meaning 100,000 lifted out of poverty every single day. In the past two decades, child labour rates have fallen from 16 per cent to 10 per cent. The proportion of children who die before the age of five has halved, to 3.8 per cent." Fraser Nelson in the Daily Telegraph 22 June

Why is everyone so sensitive? What if everyone just shut up and stopped crying?

I just saw the King! In his car. Thrilling, as if a lion just crossed the road.

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