Tuesday 4 September 2018

At last some very good news about Brexit

If Robert Peston is to be believed, and he usually is, Michel Barnier agrees with David Davis, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the European Research Group that only a Canadian type deal is possible.

This has always been my choice though I could live with a temporary Norway deal or leaving in an orderly way without a deal.

"So as pretty much every Tory MP who is not on May’s payroll will tell you, Chequers is dead.

"Which means that if May too isn’t to find her career as PM terminated along with it, she may have to resurrect Davis’s Canada plus - which, funnily enough, was her preferred plan, outlined at Lancaster House, at the start of 2017."
I don't think what happens to Theresa May matters very much to anyone except lobby correspondents, not even to her, as she must leave office when we leave the EU, whatever happens. The Canada option would at least save some of her reputation by saving Britain's bacon. 

Olly Robbins must be sent to govern the Falkland Islands for the rest of his career.

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