Friday 28 September 2018

The astonishing drama in America is as good as Balzac or Sophocles


The US Senate Judicial Committee hearings are so fascinating. The Americans do wonderful mini series like Monica Lewinsky and OJ Simpson, though with Sept 11th that joke was no longer funny. These hearings are like something from Balzac. Or Dostoevsky.

Unlike with Anita Hill, all those years ago, in whose eyes I saw evil (as I did with Diana, Princess of Wales) I sympathise with all the protagonists.

The hearings are a Rorschach test for a divided America. If you are a Republican, if a Democrat the other.

By the way, I think deep divisions over religious, moral and cultural issues are a very good thing. America contrasts admirably in this respect with Western Europe, where people sheepishly follow the consensus on abortion, single sex marriage, sex change people, feminism, the big state, mass immigration, restrictions on free speech and much else.

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