Friday 7 September 2018

Karen Bradley didn't know people voted on sectarian lines in Northern Ireland before she was made Secretary of State

We are not talking about a well-informed person, but the standard of general information and education among even Conservative politicians is becoming lower and lower. 

The story is here. 

She was parachuted into Parliament like so many other duds as part of David Cameron's A-List, designed to give seats to women, people from ethnic minorities and people who did not seem like traditional Conservative MPs (i.e. upper and upper middle class patriotic, church-going men, who were members of good clubs and sometimes hunted, shot or wore stiff collars). This is how people like Anna Soubry, Louise Mensch and Andrea Leadsom got into the Commons. A Listers who failed to get in include one Adam Rickitt from Coronation Street, who is now part of the "pop supergroup 5th Story, set up for The Big Reunion".

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