Sunday 30 September 2018

What would Churchill or Thatcher have thought of Trump?

I think Winston Churchill would have liked Donald Trump, despite his teetotalism.  Churchill who suggested to his cabinet in 1955 "'Keep England White' - that would make a good election slogan" would have liked the idea of Trump's wall and illegal immigrant policy, agreed that immigration has been a disaster for Europe, shared his enthusiasm for Israel and probably have agreed that Communist China is the big threat. 

What would Margaret Thatcher have thought of Trump? She would have handled him very well, for sure.

And Disraeli? Disraeli would have lavished Donald Trump with outrageous flattery and run rings around him, I think, though it is not as easy to run rings around him as it might look.


  1. One think Donald Trump is NOT interested in is skin colour.

  2. Churchill did not like sadists, braggarts, and fools, all of which Trump is.