Tuesday 11 September 2018

Referendum to define marriage will be held on October 7

Romanian senators today voted overwhelmingly - 107 in favour, 13 against (7 abstaining) - to hold a referendum on October 7 on whether to redefine constitutional definition of marriage to between a man and a women (rather than between two spouses, as now). 

If the electorate votes for the new definition, as they will, it means there has to be another referendum before single sex marriage can be enacted in Romania. This is very democratic, much more so than the procedure in countries where the people were not consulted before this change was made.

The reason for the vote is that 3 million people signed a petition organised by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

I wish far more referendums were held in all countries on these sort of moral issues which everyone can understand. 


  1. It's probably a good thing but it's also establishing the dangerous precedent that moral issues are best decided by a popular vote. Give it ten years and there'll be a push for another referendum to reverse this one.

    To stop the Poz you have to actually stop it in its tracks. You have to ensure that the agents of the Poz do not gain control of your education system or your media. You have to crush feminism mercilessly. Legislation like this won't stop it, and won't even slow it down significantly.

    I suspect that in most of eastern Europe the battle is already lost, with the agents of the Poz already having strategic footholds in education and media.

  2. AFAIK, but I may be wrong, the Romanian Orthodox Church (ROC) did not organise the petition. The initiator is the Alliance for the Family, an umbrella organisation encompasing around 50 associations, mostly religious (Orthodox, Catholic, Pentecostals, etc). The ROC heavily promoted the initiative, allowing the gathering of signatures at the doors of its churches.

  3. In all fairness, government has absolutely no role to play in marriage - except to enforce a contract between two (or more) people. The moment government becomes the arbiter of morality, we are doomed.

    1. It seems to me that the government does it's job in this case; it calls for a referendum, that is, it calls for the voice of the people, as it probably guesses that Romanians are still sane.
      Believe it or not, they are quite sane in the US as well: not one single state in the US achieved a voter majority for the same sex marriage, when they put the issue on the ballot. Even in California it was rejected. This new bogus 'right' was imposed on all states by the courts. This is just one small reason for the current attempt to a reversal.
      True, the agents of change may already be there and eventually Romania may become as rotten as the rest, but there is something to be said about the majority; one wants to be part of the majority to feel right and moral.
      In the US, there is a heavy propaganda campaign to turn things upside down, and make them seem hip and desirable as a 'life style'. Even this heavy PR campaign didn't convince a majority of voters though...