Monday 10 September 2018

More plot turns in the story about the Pope and child molestation

The story about the Pope, former Cardinal McCarrick and Archbishop Vigano is like a cheap melodrama written by a fervent anti-Catholic.

Many things these days seem like cheap fiction, starting with Osama bin Laden.

It is clear that the Vatican was told about the allegations against the then Cardinal Edgar ('Uncle Ted') McCarrick in 2000, in Pope John Paul II's reign.

Robert Mickens, whose liberal views I always disliked, had to resign from The Tablet because of something he said on Facebook about Pope Benedict XVI (I thought he was unfairly treated). Two or three days ago Mr. Mickens accused Archbishop Vigano of lying to the Pope about wanting to look after his sick brother. He also accused him of having kept quiet about the child abuse allegations for years in the hope of receiving a Cardinal's red hat. 

Lots of people seem to have kept quiet about the stories.

Another news article, two hours ago, accuses Archbishop Vigano of breaking his oath of secrecy taken when he became a papal nuncio. 

I, standing before His Eminence the cardinal secretary of state, having touched the sacrosanct Gospels of God, promise that I will faithfully observe the pontifical secret in causes and matters which are to be treated under the same secret, such that in no manner whatsoever, under any pretext, either for a greater good, or for a most urgent and most grave reason, permit myself to violate the aforesaid secret.
I promise to observe the secret, as referenced above, even in causes and matters that have been completed, for which such a secret is imposed. Whereas if in some case it should happen that an occasion bring me to have a doubt about the obligation of the aforesaid secret, I will interpret [it] in favor of the same secret. In like manner, I know that a transgressor of this kind of secret commits a grave sin.
According to Wikipedia, 'the pontifical secret or pontifical secrecy or papal secrecy is the code of confidentiality that, in accordance with the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, applies in matters that require greater than ordinary confidentiality.'

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  1. A priest, a paedophile & a compulsive liar walk into a bar.

    Barman goes " How come you're drinking alone tonight Father?"