Tuesday 4 September 2018

Things I learnt from Robert Tombs' 'The English and Their History'


Victory at Agincourt and the consequent capture of Rouen caused dancing in the streets of London.

Scott coined the phrase Wars of the Roses. They lasted thirty years but there were only a few weeks of intense conflict. Life went on as normal.

The English in the 15th century were richer and safer than many countries in the 20th century. I don't find this surprising, though Dr. Tombs thinks it shocking.

The Tudor monarchs called themselves Plantagenets, never Tudors. It was David Hume who first called them Tudors.
Henry VIII attempted to reconquer France and got within fifty miles of Paris, unaware that the Hundred Years' War had long ended.

Robert Tombs was in his thirties and handsome when he supervised me but now he looks old. What can have happened?

Wikipedia confirms my fears. He is now 69.

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