Thursday 13 September 2018

Changing Europe

“Those beautiful Greek islands, the pearls of the Aegean, now house over 20,000 ‘refugees and migrants’ according to government statistics.” - Taki's Magazine

"Today’s migrations are no longer made by compact displacements but by successive infiltrations: little by little, individuals insinuate themselves among the “natives,” too anemic and too distinguished to stoop to the notion of a “territory.” After a thousand years of vigilance, we open the gates . . . When one thinks of the long rivalries between the French and the English, then between the French and the Germans, it seems as if each nation, by weakening one another, had as its task to speed the hour of the common downfall so that other specimens of humanity may relay them.
Like its predecessor, the new Völkerwanderung will provoke an ethnic confusion whose phases cannot be distinctly foreseen. Confronted with these disparate profiles, the notion of a community homogeneous to whatever degree is inconceivable. The very possibility of so heteroclite a crowd suggests that in the space it occupies there no longer existed, among the indigenous, any desire to safeguard even the shadow of an identity" - Emil Cioran


  1. I'm not a nationalist. I just don't want my neighbourhood to be taken over by migrants and end up like a Londoner, sitting in a grim commuter town miles and miles away while my old street has turned into islamabad

    1. “I’m not a nationalist ...”

      Well then you deserve to lose your nation. Wherever you are your neighbourhood will get taken over whether in your lifetime or your children’s. Diversity means chasing down the last white person. Have a look at South Africa because that’s your future, white man.

  2. The sense of Nation is only becoming European politics (no complaint); Cioran overlooked the one blessed reason of unity - defense.