Friday 7 September 2018

Pakistani in Chemnitz interviewed about his feelings on events and Germans

This video clip well repays watching. In it a Pakistani in Germany (I don't know if he has German or Pakistani citizenship) talks about how he attended out of curiosity the anti-migrant demonstration in Chemnitz, after a German-Cuban was killed allegedly by a recent Arab migrant. 

The Pakistani says that the media had created the impression that it would be dangerous for him to attend the demonstration, that 
"someone brown-skinned could not walk through here" 
but, though he received some dirty looks, he was not made to feel in any danger. Nor, he says, has he experienced any hostility from Germans in three years in Dresden.
"Overall, I'm not bothered by the dirty looks. What bothers me more are murders, rapes, sexual assaults, manslaughter and robberies, which are
occurring here on a daily basis. Foreigners getting shouted at and getting dirty looks is NOT the priority in this country."

His account is very calm and objective and he says he wonders why the Germans are so slow to react to crimes by migrants.

This is very different from what Germans are being told by the media, but the German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, who for ten years has been leader of the Christian Democrats' sister party in Bavaria, the Christian Social Union (CSU), has said 

“Were I not a minister, I too would have taken to the streets as a citizen — of course not with any of the radicals.”
Mr. Seehofer added that “zero tolerance” should be shown to people who incite violence or make Nazi salutes but he rejected calls from Social Democrat politicians for the biggest opposition party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), to be placed under surveillance by the secret service because they took part in these demonstrations.

In the state of Thuringia this has already happened.

P.S. The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency has said that there's "good reason to believe" reports of rightists chasing foreigners were deliberate misinformation.

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