Thursday 10 March 2022

Some of my Facebook statuses on this day and yesterday in other years

Feminists are the locomotive which pulls the train of political correctness.

My favourite number is 7. I never thought about this before though. I imagine everyone's favourite number is 7. Is this so? I would not think very highly of someone whose favourite number were 31, still less 48.

I wonder how many people who think fur coats and hunting foxes are cruel approve of abortion. I wonder how many vegans do.

I am sick of hearing about Hamas and Hezbollah. I really am not interested in them and want us to leave the Middle East to Russia and the Middle Eastern states. I also dislike banning political parties rather a lot. We did not ban Sinn Fein or the Communists. Hezbollah cannot be as dangerous to Great Britain as them. Instead Middle Eastern politics are increasingly being fought out in Europe and Middle Eastern wars too. Dr. Caroline Macafee says the future of Europe is Lebanese and I fear she is right.

Bob Kostic‏ @causticbob
I settled down to watch this programme about #transgender marriage the other night, but was disappointed that it focused on scenery instead. I phoned the BBC to complain. Turns out that the Hebrides are Scottish islands.

Every wise man or woman believes in God or something rather like Him but believing the Nazarene carpenter is God requires great simplicity.

I am stuffed with quotations like a goose, stuffed to make pâté de foie gras. Of them all my favourite is one of these two but I cannot decide which:
Hatred of Catholicism is the only genuinely religious emotion the English ever experience.


When I was a child I thought I hated the human race, but when I grew up I realised it was only children I couldn't stand. (Philip Larkin)

Still on the subject of international Women's Day, I remember the late Alice Thomas Ellis, asked what was the greatest achievement for women, replied 'The Annunciation'.

My British Muslim Facebook friend Nadeem Khan is getting very excited by the restoration of the Caliphate but is not sure if it has a claim to India or not. Personally I am not sure if there ever has been a Caliphate at least in historical times and certainly not since 1000 AD. But I have a better idea than the ISIS Caliphate. Our own dear Queen is probably a descendent of Muhammed, via King Pedro the Cruel of Portugal - although I know Jeanne Griffin is not convinced. Perhaps the Queen should be Caliph - a woman and a Christian would be very inclusive, almost Cameronian.

"Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society." Malcolm Muggeridge

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