Wednesday 2 March 2022

Lenin said there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen

Lenin: "There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” 

Mr Biden in his State of the Union speech yesterday said: "Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he will never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people".

Boris Johnson on Thursday: “Our mission is clear: diplomatically, politically, economically – and eventually, militarily – this hideous and barbaric venture of Vladimir Putin must end in failure”.

David Goldman in a very interesting article on Saturday: "Ukraine is disappearing, for two reasons. It has one of the world's lowest birth rates at just 1.23 children per female, and one of the world's highest rates of out-migration. No other country has willed itself out of existence so decisively. Ukraine's demographic decline is so pronounced that it should be high on the list of strategic considerations. For what, and for whom, might NATO and Russia go to war?"

Now the MSM is reporting that the war has worsened, the Russians have changed tactics, etc. Not a shred of evidence to suggest that the Russians didn't plan it this way from the beginning.

Sanctions, schmanctions. We're long past that. Once Russia decides that a security threat is existential, "think of all the things that you couldn't believe Russia will do. Well, they'll do them," says a European military intel source.

Carl von Clausewitz, quoted by Jonathan Shaw: “If there must be war, victory lies not in defeating an army but in securing the willing submission of a populace. Stability, not a passing triumph of arms, is the test.”
Historian Stephen Cohen in 2014: "If we move NATO forces toward Russia's borders's obviously gonna militarize the situation [and] Russia will not back off, this is existential".

Noam Chomsky in 2015: [Ukraine's desire to join NATO] "is not protecting Ukraine, it is threatening Ukraine with major war."

The Wall Street Journal on Sunday: "Pope Francis on Sunday lamented the “tragic” war in Ukraine, and had strong words for those who wage war in general, but he didn't speak of an invasion or refer to Russia by name. That makes the pope, who has made a priority of better relations with Russia, one of the few Western leaders to have refrained from explicitly condemning the attack on Ukraine."


  1. 'There are decades...'

    Quote by Lenin.

    1. Thank you very much, Toma. I did not know this. I grew up in the 1970s when nothing happened. In fact between 1968 and Gorbachev coming to power nothing much happened. 1960-68 very much happened, much or even most of it pretty disastrous.

  2. Jacinda Ardern walks into a bar.
    Barman says “why the long face?

  3. Ku Klux Climate: Coal, Petro-Palingenesis, and the Historical Materialism of Fossil Fascism

    We live in a dangerous time when a far-right more powerful than at any time since 1945 is doing all it can to accelerate the capitalist project to turn our planet into a giant Greenhouse Gas chamber. The last United States president, the “instinctive fascist” Donald Trump, believed that anthropogenic (really capitalogenic) global warming was a hoax and did everything he could to end limits on fossil fuel production. Brazil’s current president, the demented pandemo-fascist Jar Bosonaro, has sadistically opened up the Amazon – the lungs of the planet – to enrich agro-industrial profiteers...

    As the world tips into climate catastrophe, anti-immigrant parties who promote the unchecked extraction and burning of fossil fuels are surging in the name of white supremacy and national regeneration. 

    More of this here:

    1. How deeply depressing. It would be funny except it is not. Americans leftists like the writer are a huge threat to civilisation. I expect Putin suddenly becoming Hitler will make these people seem reasonable and right-wingers seem like apologists for Hitler.

      Wikipedia says: "In 2012, Adam Levick wrote in The Algemeiner that Counterpunch has "advanced dual loyalty canards about Jews" and has published articles by Holocaust deniers. In 2016, CounterPunch appeared in a PropOrNot list of websites which it described as Russian propaganda outlets. Writing in the New Yorker, Adrian Chen described the list as a mess and CounterPunch as a "respected left-leaning" publication. In 2018, author Diana Johnstone said in a Consortium News article titled "Antifa or Antiwar: Leftist Exclusionism Against the Quest for Peace" that "Russophobia finds a variant in the writing of several prominent CounterPunch contributors".

  4. If the Kremlin wanted to kill large numbers of people it should have done so with starvation sanctions and proxy militias like a civilized government.

    Caitlin Johnstone

  5. A generation ago, Voeglin admired American and British opposition to the political gnosticism of the Soviet Union. Today we again see the U.S. and the West united in opposition to Russia. However, the dynamics have changed considerably, considering that it is today the West is dominantly led by the new political gnostics. The gnosticism of the elites blinds them to the actual dynamics of what is unfolding, as it blinded them previously to facts about Coronavirus and the underlying dynamics that gave rise to the Brexit and Donald Trump.

    A feature of political gnosticism is its insistent denial of reality, history, and limits. As Voeglin described gnostics, they are marked by “disregard for the structure of reality, ignorance of facts, fallacious misconstruction and falsification of history, irresponsible opining on the basis of sincere conviction, philosophical illiteracy, spiritual dullness, and agnostic sophistication.”

    These features are on vivid display today as we witness the rise of moralistic and sentimental condemnation or sympathy (depending on which side they are cheering for or against), whether it’s against anyone who voted for Trump (racist), anyone who refused to wear a mask or get a booster (murderer), anyone who honked horns against the new biopolitical regime (again, racists, or maybe fascists), anyone who attempts a sober assessment of the causes of and cautions to be drawn from the war that don’t simply devolve into simplistic posturing (fascist). We see in the current reporting on Ukraine these qualities on full display as they were during the suddenly-irrelevant pandemic - the invention of approved narratives, the erasure of history, the denial of context, and the barring of considerations of complex and complicating factors.

    Russia, America, and the Danger of Political Gnosticism
    What Eric Voeglin can teach us about today’s international crisis
    Patrick J. Deneen

  6. Putin Receives Nobel Prize In Medicine For Ending COVID Pandemic

  7. “Sanctions are a kind of tax on independence"