Saturday 26 March 2022

Mr Biden's little outing to Warsaw goes horribly wrong - Alexander Nevzorov, the seer

Speaking in Warsaw tonight, Mr Biden said of Mr Putin, "For God's sake - this man cannot remain in power."

Many people, and not just Americans, feel the same way about Mr Biden.

The White House quickly intervened to say the President was not calling for a regime change in Russia, but this is exactly what he did call for - in other words he told Russians that their war is one of self-defence and justifying the Kremlin's insistence that the revolution in Kiev in 2014 was American instigated regime change.

This changes everything.

The old man was never bright or competent and is losing it.

Is Russia pretending it only ever wanted to take Dombass and a land bridge to the Crimea?

Some well informed people tell me that the Russian invasion is going to plan, despite what the press says.

I don't believe this for various reasons, including because General Yakov Rezantsev is said to have told one of his soldiers on the fourth day of the invasion (he recently was killed) that the war would be over in hours, because an American general said much the same thing at the start and because Putin said in 2014 that he could take Ukraine in two weeks. 

I do see that trying to fight in cities would be stupid, but I imagine Putin expected to seize the centre of Kiev from the air and decapitate the Ukrainian government. 

The Wagner Group have tried hard to murder Mr Zelensky but have failed due to an informer inside the FSB, apparently.

This is from the Daily Telegraph today:
'But there was one man who predicted the debacle with uncanny accuracy. Alexander Nevzorov, a Russian political journalist and former MP, warned in a video last year how the “now clearly inevitable war with Ukraine” would go.

'“The so-called military analysts will be feeding everyone the terminological nonsense about burning strategic corridors for the tank divisions, and behind them convoys of infantry heading for Kyiv. This is complete nonsense,” Mr Nevzorov said.

'“None of them factor in the beyond-furious resistance of Ukraine and the complete lack of military prowess of the Russian army."

'The video, recorded in April last year, said that the Russian military is plagued by corruption and warned of 5,000 casualties in the first week.

'“It’s best not to familiarise anyone with the real capabilities of the Russian army,” he said. “Everybody now believes in the power of the Russian military machine. But military exercises are just a performance on an imaginary piano.

'"You can pretend until someone shoves a real piano under your hands. That’s when the humiliation starts. It will turn out that the great pianist can’t even play Twinkle, Twinkle with one finger.”'


  1. LONDON —
    A Russian reporter being investigated under a new law for deliberately spreading false information about the war in Ukraine on Wednesday defended his claims on social media that Russian forces had shelled a maternity hospital.

    In an open letter to Russia's top investigator, Alexander Bastrykin, the journalist Alexander Nevzorov said he was being blamed for drawing his conclusions from the international media, which had access to proof of what happened, rather than from the Russian Defense Ministry.

    "I invite you to shut this ridiculous case," Nevzorov, who has more than 1.6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, wrote on Telegram.

    He also said the criminal law, which could see journalists jailed for up to 15 years for purposefully spreading false information, contradicted freedom of speech provisions in the Russian constitution and media law that gave him the right to have an opinion on the war.

    The Investigative Committee law enforcement agency said it had opened a case against Nevzorov for posting on Instagram and YouTube that Russia's armed forces had deliberately shelled a maternity hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

  2. Russia definately want to kill Zelensky, and they should. But as for wanting to keep Western Ukraine, I don't think they did want to....but they will probably be forced to. They probably wanted "regime change", to kill Zelensky and his cronies and put in a sensible govt. But in the end will probably just have to annex Ukraine and colonize it with Russians. Because any govt that they put in Ukraine won't have a Ukrainian military left to keep NATO out and the Russian's main goal is keeping NATO out of Ukraine, so they will have to keep Ukraine and keep Russian military there for at least a decade to prevent NATO taking Ukraine.