Thursday 10 March 2022

CIA has been planning for a Ukrainian insurgency since 2015 - they also organised one back in 1949 that didn't go well

John Ranelagh, a historian of the CIA, argued that encouraging the Ukrainian insurgency against the Soviet regime in 1949 'demonstrated a cold ruthlessness' because the Ukrainian resistance had no hope of success without deeper US involvement, which would not be forthcoming and so 'America was in effect encouraging Ukrainians to go to their deaths. 

In a February 25 op-ed in The Los Angeles Times Jeff Rogg said that 

Russia invaded Ukraine by land, air and sea on Thursday, but for years now the Central Intelligence Agency has been preparing for such a moment, not only with prescient intelligence gathering and analysis but also by preparing Ukrainians to mount an insurgency against a Russian occupation.
A news story last month revealed that the agency has been training Ukrainian special forces and intelligence officers at a secret facility in the U.S. since 2015. Some U.S. officials have played down the report by claiming that the CIA is simply training the Ukrainians in intelligence collection. Others say the program has another secret purpose, which I believe: preparing Ukrainians for an insurgency in the event of a Russian occupation.

Reasonable of the CIA, but should the American State Department not have tried to prevent an invasion by declaring that Ukraine would not join NATO, instead of declaring exactly the opposite once again on November 10?

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  1. Who ARE these people who pull strings in the background and set the whole world topsy-turvy?