Sunday 13 March 2022

Putin is not an existential threat to the West but there are existential threats

I wrote this on Facebook in May 2017 and it is still true, though less true than then.

'Sir Alec Douglas-Home said the Soviets move when they see an opportunity. They always have. Like a knife, they push ahead when they hit butter, and back away when they hit steel. Soviet policy seeks a "maximum of confusion and a minimum of commitment.” Putin is following closely in the KGB tradition.

'Luckily, unlike the USSR, Putin does not even vaguely desire to change or conquer the world. I don't think the USSR was an existential threat to the West. Putin certainly isn't. So don't be distracted by fears about Russia. Because existential threats do exist.'

1 comment:

  1. And yet, the Western media AND the US government are pushing, pushing, pushing the idea that Putin specifically 'invaded' the Ukraine as a first step toward 'world domination'...
    ...I know, because every time my husband listens to NPR news - I practically have to put him through deprogramming!!