Wednesday 16 March 2022

Russian oligarch's house in Belgrave Sq. occupied by squatters used to belong to Chips Channon


From the diary in yesterdays's Times. Sir Henry Channon was the ineffably glamorous MP for my distinctly unglamorous home town, Southend-on-Sea.

On V.E. Day Channon threw a very grand party in that house. The guests included much exiled royalty and many peers and peeresses.  He said to the heiress Emerald Cunard, ‘This is what we were fighting for’. To which she replied, 'What, are they all Poles?’

The story about the squatters in the house, which is now worth reportedly £50 million, is here

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  1. I don't understand why the police cleared the squatters out - when I was in England squatting was not a crime.