Wednesday 9 March 2022

Obviously there is no reason why refugees should go from Ukraine to the UK and Ukraine wants refugees to stay close to home


It's bonkers.

News item:

'President Zelensky has told the British Government he wants refugees to stay as close to Ukraine as possible, Grant Shapps has said.

'The Ukrainian president and his administration "want people to come back" as soon as possible after the war with Russia is over, the Transport Secretary told Sky News.

'Confirming that the UK has now granted 760 visas to Ukrainian refugees after more than 22,000 applications, Mr Shapps said: " No country has given more humanitarian assistance to Ukraine than the United Kingdom in the world, we’ve given £400million.

'"Geographically of course we are spaced further to the West and President Zelensky and the Ukrainian government have told me they do not want people to move far away if possible from the country because they want people to come back.'

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