Saturday 24 December 2022

Another Brexit please

I wish England, by which I mean Great Britain and Northern Ireland, had a Brexit from America as well as from the European Union.

I wish we kept out of cold or hot wars with China, Russia or even Persia.

Had Stalin been clever he would have waited till the American troops left Europe before imposing Communism on Eastern Europe. But he was not clever and they stayed, seeing Communism as another Hitler. After the Cold War ended Nato, meaning American troops in Europe, continued and now the war in Ukraine means they will stay for the foreseeable future. 

Caitlin Johnstone says Nato exists to protect Europe from the wars caused by Nato's existence. 

It goes out of its way to threaten powerful nations and then justifies its existence by their responses to those threats.

Whether she is right or completely wrong, I see no British interest involved in British membership of Nato or British activities as America's henchman in the Middle East, Afghanistan or the Far East. 

I accept that with an illegal and murderous Russian invasion of the Ukraine, albeit one that Nato's existence provoked, this is not the right moment to leave. It would be misunderstood  and a godsend to Russia. 

(To remove doubt, I think Ukraine's fight back against Russia is admirable, like Finland's against Russia in 1939, which prevented Finland becoming a Russian satellite after 1945, although President Zelensky rather annoys me.)

Giving aid to Ukraine is a separate matter from whether we should or should not be in NATO. I suggest England leave Nato when this war comes to an end. 

At the least we should use the threat in our negotiations with the EU to get all we want.

A lot of the problems in the world are caused by historians. This is true everywhere. Especially in America. As the American political philosopher Paul Gottfried said 'All the major conflicts into which our leaders thrust us from the Civil War on, with the possible exception of Vietnam, are seen as morally desirable actions. … The U.S. is a land of morally driven, energetic presidents who have made us into the envy and dread of the world.'

Old man Biden is scarcely energetic but like George W Bush and LBJ he is trying to be Lincoln, Wilson or FDR. 

All were pretty bad presidents from an American point of view, though the latter two saved England's bacon. 

England is acting as Mr. Biden's lieutenant, as British Prime Ministers since Margaret Thatcher have done, except for that curious interregnum when Donald Trump was in the White House.

Mr Putin, though a wicked man, is not Hitler. Saddam was not Hitler. Nor Gaddafi, nor Milosevic. Some argue that not even Hitler was Hitler, if by 'Hitler' you mean someone with 'Napoleonic ambitions' to take over Western Europe if not stopped. 


  1. There was no Brexit in the first place! (it was a BRINO - Brexit In Name Only).

    Aside from some a little cosmetic paperwork, the fake-Brexit that was engineered by the UK civil service during the 2-plus years they delayed it, has made zero perceptible difference to British life. Mass immigration (running at c 1% of the population per year) was the main thing that pro-Brexit voters wanted to stop, and it was higher last year than ever before - the UK admitting a population about equivalent to that of a top ten largest city such as Bristol each year.

    A Brexit from the US would similarly make no difference, because it would certainly be subverted and neutralized by the Establishment.

    It is a matter of motivation. The UK Establishment are dedicated to destroying the nation - including its people, economy and all the institutions which people value. I broadly agree with your analysis of the realities of the current proto-WWIII - but the British leadership class are even keener on escalation and destruction than the US. Our media have fabricated a completely false, totally dishonest, narrative to justify more and ever more killing.

    Official detachment from the US would be ignored; but even if it was not, the UK leaders would adopt the same, or worse, attitudes.

  2. You're bolder than I would dare to be in judging what's right or wrong, in the past or present. I do know that NATO depends on the UK to protect the Greenland-Iceland-UK gap, through which Russian submarines have to pass to reach the Atlantic.

  3. You often want the West to defend its culture and religion. Military defense should be part of the package too.

    1. Russia conquered and sat on huge parts of Europe for generations. Many people want it kept well away. It is now allying with Iran — not a positive development.

  4. This last brexit you speak of is the most needed but also the most improbable. No vote or even debate will ever take place. It will not be allowed. Technology will make sure of that.

  5. I wish that the United States had an "exit" from the establishment elite - never before have the establishment elite been so despicable, they even support the sexual mutilation of children. And the establishment elite is international - they are present here to.

  6. Still clowning around, after all these years!?

  7. Replies
    1. I did. An old chap producing anti-EU, pro-Brexit, pro-UKIP, pro-Farage rhetoric, reproducing the disgraceful pre-Brexit anti-Romanian campaign of 2013-2016. How could someone not react to such villainy !?
      But I'm glad you're healthy and still ready to continue producing your usual nonsense

    2. You say 'anti-EU, pro Brexit' as if that's a bad thing.

  8. Conservatives insisted on Brexit. It was theirs to manage and lead. If Brexit’s current execution is flawed, it is entirely their fault.