Wednesday 14 December 2022

500,000 have died in 2 years in Ethiopian war, almost 400,000 in 7 years in Yemeni war (an illegal invasion by the Saudis)


Since the start of the conflict in Ethiopia in November 2020, it is said that over 500,000 have died in the fighting or from famine and lack of health care, tens of thousands have been sexually assaulted; and well over 2 million have been displaced.

Wikipedia thinks that the numbers killed in the Ukrainian war are somewhere between 33,000 and 8,000 but I have seen 100,000 mentioned. Death figures in general are much exaggerated, but not always. US General Milley on November 10 estimated that over 100,000 had died or been injured on each side. The Kremlin’s highest publicly disclosed figure of war dead has been 5,937. The Ukrainian side's highest is 11,000

Yet we hear nothing of the Ethiopian war or of the horrors for which our ally Saudi Arabia is to blame fighting Shias both in her unjust war in Yemen and at home.

In February, the war in Yemen had killed an estimated 377,000 people through direct and indirect causes.

The socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, whom Joe Biden defeated for the Democratic nomination, on Tuesday night withdrew his bill to end US support for the Saudi war on Yemen, because he learnt that Mr Biden would veto it.


  1. Thanks. I hadn’t even realised there was a war going on there. Aren’t the MSM useful

  2. Bernie Sanders is a mensch.

  3. The Washington Post and the New York Times regularly cover the war in Ethiopia. Today's Post has an article on page A9, quoting the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as saying that his uncle had been murdered by Eritrean forces. It is hard to be unaware of this war in Washington, DC, for various sides demonstrate regularly.

    The war in Yemen does appear in both papers, though perhaps I register it less. The Post's coverage has fallen off considerably since January, I see.

    1. I thought it useful to remember these brutal two wars, for one of which the Anglo-Americans' ally is to blame as much as Russia is for the Ukraine.

  4. Ethiopia does not abut Europe, and it did not occupy large tranches of Europe for 50+ years the way Russia did (some people actually remember this long and unhappy episode). While an interesting country, Ethiopia is a poor one with little economic and cultural exchange with the West. It's actually a wonder Ethiopia gets as much coverage as it does, pointed out by George.