Wednesday 7 December 2022


"Covid and the Ukraine war have shaken our society’s very foundations. Dreams of The End of History after the end of the Cold War have been dashed. Politicians can no longer pretend that shocks can be absorbed simply by “going shopping” – as George W Bush put it, when he advised people to go on as normal in the wake of 9/11 – or by submitting to the elemental forces of change – as Tony Blair ordained. Instead we are plunged into a world of dark-age geopolitics, super-wicked problems, black swan events." Sherelle Jacobs 2 days ago in the Daily Telegraph

"It’s not about not believing. It’s about rejecting a god who looks like the ruling class." Gloria Steinem discussing her lack of religion in 2012. In fact, she had not kept up with the modern world that she helped shape. A god who looks like the ruling class is multi-faith, multicultural, feminist and enthusiastic about homosexuality and was so in 2012.

"In every class society that's ever existed, the ruling element does not rule nakedly. They always adorn their rule with myths, themes and symbols to justify their position at the apex of the social pyramid.“ Michael Parenti

"I repeat that when communism enters a country it makes the classes class-conscious. It makes races race-conscious, in order to weaken the internal structure of the country and pave the way for communism.“ James Eastland, US Senator from Mississippi from 1941 to 1978.

"The boys from the South were fighting to maintain white supremacy." Eastland in a speech in the US Senate in July 1945. I often wondered what the American expression white supremacist means. I suppose it means the system in the American South after the reconstruction era and before the civils rights era.

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  1. Mississippi is a bit of an odd State - at least it was in the past. It had prohibition up to the late 1960s - (more than 30 years after most of America got rid of it), And it is also the only State to still have an "anti fornication" law on the books - technically in Mississippi if someone has sexual relations outside of wedlock they are committing a criminal offence. So there is a bit more than "White Supremacy" at work in the history of the State, there is also an effort to make morality a matter of the criminal law - rather like the law code just passed in Indonesia.