Wednesday 21 December 2022

Tony Judt on the neo-cons

'In Bush's Useful Idiots he took apart the soi-disant liberals who had supported Bush's catastrophic foreign policy. He derided those members of the liberal intelligentsia who had supported the Iraq war but changed their minds after incompetent execution led to disaster. "Like Stalin's western admirers who, in the wake of Khrushchev's revelations, resented the Soviet dictator not so much for his crimes as for discrediting their Marxism," the liberal hawks were now "irritated with Bush for giving 'preventive war' a bad name".'
Geoffrey Wheatcroft writing Judt's obituary in the Guardian. I so disliked Judt's politics, but agree with and respect leftists of his sort when they condemn neo-cons and unjust wars. I came across last night Andrew Roberts praising Tong Blair for eschewing popularity to invade Iraq. My old friend Andrew and I are very different sorts of Tories indeed and disagree on so much, from Churchill and Margaret Thatcher to George W. Bush and Donald Trump (he likened him to Mussolini, when Trump is more a libertarian than anything).

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  1. I was not crazy about his politics either, but I think the way he summed up the way modernity took over postwar societies to the detriment of religion might appeal to you.