Friday 30 December 2022

Twenty Years After: Russia warned Nato against expansion in 2001

It used to be the 50 year rule, then the 30 year rule and now British government papers are released after around 20 years.

We learnt today that in early 2001, Anthony Blair told the new American Vice-President Cheney that Vladimir Putin was a Russian patriot, sensitive to Russia's "loss of respect" in the world, and had a similar "mindset" to Charles de Gaulle, though the two men were not directly comparable. Exactly my opinion.

Mr Putin told Mr Blair that he did not want to be seen as anti-Nato, but the Russian defence minister Igor Sergeyev told his Nato counterparts that further enlargement would be a major political error, in response to which Moscow would “take appropriate steps”.

Mr Putin was friendly to Mr Blair but a briefing note from January 2001 to the Prime Minister said that Russian spies continued to operate as during the Cold War. It listed many assurances that Mr Putin has given that were false, including that Russia would not help Iran develop nuclear weapons.

Mr Putin is a paradox, a shameless liar who nevertheless also tells the truth quite often, as in his May 9th speech, when he explained why he invaded Ukraine because of what he thinks is US aggression.


  1. 'many assurances that Mr Putin has given that were false'

    Would you care to elaborate? Or is it too rude to ask?

  2. I am quoting The Times that went on to mention his assurance to Tony Blair that he was not helping Iran develop her nuclear programme

    1. Wrong quote. Here, let's try again:

      'Mr Putin is a paradox, a shameless liar...'

      In a world of proven liars, Blair, Clinton, Bush, Biden, or more recently self acknowledged Merkel and Hollande, why do you feel the need to call Putin not only a 'liar' but a 'shameless' one? Because he's neither, as you no doubt know very well.

      Can you quote, from the official transcripts of his speeches or from his many published writings, a single Putin lie? You know, something similar to this vomit:
      Tony Blair's speech opening today's debate on the Iraq crisis in the house of Commons

    2. I thought Mr Blair did told a lie about Jackie Milburn but it seems he did not.
      I don't think he lied about WMD. He thought they existed. Off the top of my head Putin lied about not invading Crimea and had his officials deny that he would invade Ukraine last year.
      But Biden and Hillary are shameless liars.
      Happy New Year!

    3. 'Off the top of my head...'

      ... it's not a quote.

      Happy New Year to you too, thank you.