Wednesday 7 December 2022

I intend to read Benjamin Abelow's new book, 'How the West Brought War to Ukraine'

This review summarises his ideas.

I quote.

'.... the fact is that had one NATO-member leader – perhaps French President Emmanuel Macron – simply quashed the idea of Ukrainian membership the conflict might have been averted.

'Second, Russia cannot help but associate American involvement in the war with the threat of regime change; consider events this century in Kiev, Tbilisi, Bishkek – not to mention Baghdad, Tripoli, and a clear intent in Damascus – along with statements from members of the US Congress and the executive branch, and it is hardly fanciful to think of Moscow as the ultimate trophy, raising further the prospect of a pre-emptive response by Russia.

'Third, within Ukraine itself, why did Zelensky, like Petro Poroshenko before him, do a volte face from an election pledge to pursue positive relations with Russia? Threats from domestic ultranationalist forces have been floated, and were there outside voices of discouragement?

'Finally, there is a growing pile of evidence of censorship in the Western media of any attempt to question the official narrative. Why? If it is as demonstrably accurate as claimed, why fear skeptical questioning?'

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