Saturday 3 December 2022

Sic Transit Lady Susan Hussey

Lady Susan Hussey

I have decided not to follow British news and keep away from the news altogether, except for Romanian news. But Romanian news is like food without salt. 

I definitely have tried to keep away from the furore about Lady Susan Hussey, the late Queen's lady in waiting, friend and confidante, sacked for racism because she asked a British West Indian lady in African dress, several times, where she was from. I decided the BBC would be more insufferable than ever on this theme and have gone over to Al Jazeera, a much better news source.

However, I feel like quoting the comment of the inestimable Petronella Wyatt in "The Spectator", who says: "Susan Hussey has no prejudices at all. She spent much of her life married to a man called Marmaduke, who had one leg."

And since I am on the subject, I shall add how horribly Lady Susan has been treated by the King. 

Put not your trust in princes.


  1. Belinda de Lucy
    Nov 30
    Lady Hussey is in her 80s and asked where someone was originally from. I know can cause offence but what an unforgiving and hostile climate this is to our most dutiful and resilient generation who, with no malice, get it wrong and are cancelled after a life time of service.

  2. Peter Hitchens says this is further proof of a successful left-wing British Revolution.
    "Nobody has actually guillotined the King, because he now has no power at all, not even the power to defend those close to him. It is easier to leave him where he is because it deludes people into thinking the country is still as it was.

    "But if he ever got in the way of the Left-wing project, Twitter and the BBC would tear him to shreds. The Palace has been praised for the swiftness of its ruthless response to the Hussey affair. I do not see why. Fear is a normal and often essential motivation in human life, and it is usually wise to heed it. But it is never praiseworthy."