Saturday 31 December 2022

Vox populi


In the Turkish holiday village of Dalyan I'm having dinner with a Turkish bar owner in his 30s. Predictably, he loathes Erdogan, a would-be dictator.  

'What do you think of the war in Ukraine?' 

'I support the Russians, actually.' 


'Because they are being attacked by America.' 

'Do many Turks think this?' 

'Some do. Some don't.'

1 comment:

  1. I wonder how many Russian tourists he welcomes?
    My Turkish friends loathe Erdogan, but they grudgingly admit he has played the invasion to his best advantage.
    Eliot Cohen, at SAIS, stated that Erdogan forced Putin to back down from withdrawing from the Grain deal after the Kerch bridge bombing by threatening to have Turkish naval vessels escort grain freighters. Cohen has good sources and is a sober analyst, so it’s credible, and intriguing.