Friday 18 October 2019

Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cook's 2 minute address to the nation marking International Pronouns Day

I failed to link to DCC Julie Cook's 2 minute speech marking #pronounsdaystanding in front of a screen with Cheshire Constabulary written on it, about the importance when addressing or speaking about "transgender people" of using the pronouns those people prefer. Here it is. 

I also apologise for saying she was a DC - Detective Constable -  whereas she is someone with lots of power, a Deputy Chief Constable.

Her somewhat menacing pronouncement was much retweeted and roundly abused by a nation that is not yet supine.  

She was accused of virtue-signalling but there was no virtue in what she was saying, from a small-c conservative point of view, but only a power-grab by the police and an attempt to change individuals and society. 

Why can't society be allowed to evolve organically, without help from the police? 

I liked this comment.

The more I read about Julie Cooke, the more I realise how politicised the police have become. Rainbow epaulette and lanyard? What next?

? We should be very worried.

Indeed we should be very worried.

International Pronouns Day has a Bolshevik ring to it reminiscent of such Bolshevik festivals as International Women's Day, which still trundles on, and International Children's Day. 

Bolshevism of a sort is what this is.

Almost all comments on DCC Cooke's tweet , obviously, were negative except ones that came from the police force. This is one that was friendly to her and implied that disagreement with what the policewoman said is hateful and, by implication, should be illegal.

Julie Cooke
- Nobody should receive the hateful messages that have been aimed at you today. Sadly, that kind of targeted hatred is a reality for many transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and genderqueer folks. But none of us deserve it.

The sequel to the story in the last blog is here:

Bob Fousert has been removed as chair of Cheshire’s police and crime panel, after his criticism of DCC Julie Cooke’s rainbow lanyard. 7 councillors voted in favour of the motion to remove him, 5 voted against.

James Kirkup blogging for the Spectator wrote this.


  1. When the U.S. Soccer Federation blatantly violated soccer’s Laws of the Game by placing a political image, the LGBT rainbow, on men’s and women’s national uniforms in international matches in 2017 and 2018, FIFA did nothing. According to soccer’s Law 04.5, “Equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images.” The 2019 report I wrote, “Let All Play: Yes to Soccer, No to Politics,” details the many ways the U.S. Soccer Federation and other teams have violated FIFA’s regulations by using the LGBT rainbow on uniforms. Yet FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee has done nothing.

    On September 24, Major League Soccer (MLS) carved out an exception to its Fan Code of Conduct, which bans political symbols at matches, to allow fans to display the Antifa Iron Front symbol at MLS games for the remainder of the season. MLS already makes an exception to allow LGBT and transgender flags, i.e. political symbols. Meanwhile non-woke political symbols remain banned.

    Jennifer S. Bryson

  2. England fined £35,000 by Fifa for wearing poppies against Scotland

    Fifa have announced that they have fined the English Football Association 45,000 Swiss francs [£35,000] for wearing and displaying poppies during the 2018 World Cup qualifier against Scotland on 11 November even though Fifa regulations banned them from doing so.

    Scotland have also been fined, although their sanction is less than half of their English counterparts as they have been hit with a 20,000 Swiss francs [£15,700] fine due to being the visiting team at Wembley.

  3. When it comes to being an effective crime fighting police officer Julie Cook is an over promoted total waste of space. When it comes to being a liberal politically correct apostle for the sick society we live in Cook is just the ticket. A disgrace to the uniform she wears. Would be better served fighting knife crime, child sex trafficking in the towns of the Northern corridor rather than attempt to defy reasoned science about gender. She is an idiot !