Thursday 3 October 2019

Boris might just have a solution for Brexit - and the reason why Theresa May failed

Boris's plan today seems like it just might work. It might get through Parliament, at least if the EU will agree to something like it. 

If so Boris has achieved greatness. If not, it looks like we have tried our very best and we have to leave without a deal after an election.

Speaking on BBC Radio Five Theresa May's Chief of Staff Gavin, Lord Barwell, admitted the UK was “obviously” wrong to agree to the EU’s demand that the divorce negotiations take place before the future relationship negotiations. He said this:

“... made it harder… that split is what essentially led to the backstop. Because
at the point that you’re having your divorce you haven’t settled what your relationship is going to be like in the future, the EU argued that – both to protect their single market, and also to keep the border in Ireland as it is today – you needed some kind of insurance policy.”
Even he accepts that he and Mrs May made a terrible mess of negotiating Brexit. Still she has enobled him for it.

Lord Barwell's opinion of Brexit is revealed in this tweet from the morning after the referendum result:

Proud that my home town and the great city of which it is part rejected the politics of hate and division yesterday

This did not stop Mrs. May putting him in charge of making Brexit happen, but I expect the opinions of Theresa May, David Cameron and George Osborne were pretty identical.

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