Tuesday 22 October 2019

Novelist Eilis O'Hanlon writing in the (Unionist) Belfast Telegraph

"So-called “Super Saturday” was a damp squib in the end, though at least Remainer MPs finally stopped pretending their only aim was to avoid no deal. They’re out to keep Britain in the EU, whether voters like it or not."

"In truth, it makes no more sense to say Boris betrayed the DUP than it does to say that

they betrayed him by voting for the Letwin amendment which stymied his withdrawal agreement. Politicians work together when it’s in their mutual interests. The DUP is no different. Everyone gets let down by those they trust at some point. That’s the nature of the beast."

"As another week of drama begins in the House of Commons, the DUP needs to reflect on whether a few technical regulations that may never come into play anyway are more of a risk to their long'term aims than alienating everyone outside Northern Ireland who cherishes the Union, but who desperately wants out of the EU. Don’t make them choose. You won’t like the answer."

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