Friday 11 October 2019

Europe is in steep decline

From Fraser Nelson's article today in the Daily Telegraph is another element in the history of the decline of Europe and, by implication, Western civilisation.

'Now and again, we hear reports about the readiness of Europe’s various armies. They’re invariably terrifying. The Dutch admitted recently that half of their army vehicles won’t start. Two months ago, all 53 of the Bundeswehr’s attack helicopters were declared unfit to fly. France does a bit better: at the last count 160 of its 460 military helicopters work. Military readiness costs
money, and not many European nations pay. If Turkey were to lead a surprise attack against Europe, rather than the Syrian Kurds, it’s by no means clear what opposition it might meet. 

'A recent study for the RAND Corporation looked at what might happen if Putin invaded Latvia. The Germans, it found, would need a month to mobilise a battalion in response: the Brits, it turns out, could need three months. For bigger missions, the degree of reliance on America is stunning. And it’s looking like a more dangerous bet every year.'

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