Tuesday 15 October 2019

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Boris and the Tories, including most of the ones who who have lost the whip, minus a very few Remain extremists like Philip Hammond, very badly need a deal. Even the Spartans do, but Leo Eric Varadkar needs one just as badly to win his election and the DUP needs one very badly to hold on to its supporters. 

If the Tories, DUP and Eire agree it is hard to imagine Michel Barnier, Emmanuel Macron or Mrs. Merkel preventing  a deal. Though what is most important for me is getting a Canada Dry trade agreement: free trade for Great Britain with Europe but free of the need for regulatory alignment. I do not know if Boris can get that.

The Daily Telegraph, that loves its former employee Boris, has this lead headline.

Brexit latest news: UK and EU closing in on a deal, as negotiating teams work on legal text

The Guardian that detests him has this, a bit cavilling but saying much the same :

Boris Johnson 'on brink of Brexit deal' after border concessions

The BBC's lead headline is

Brexit: Talks continuing amid claims deal is close

The Independent, which has campaigned for a second referendum, manages to make the same thing sound like Boris has been rebuffed by the EU with contempt.

Not good enough says Barnier tells Johnson to agree deal by midnight or return to MPs empty-handed

But at least they have much the same news. I have seen the Hungarian local elections portrayed as a massive defeat and a great victory for Viktor Orban's party in English language newspapers, depending on the paper's point of view, without any explanation for readers that another interpretation is possible. 

This is not acceptable. 

In the USA no coverage of Donald Trump is worth even reading outside avowedly conservative sources, whatever your politics, because the others so distort the truth, from over-powering indignation and an essentially religious idea that he represents the forces of darkness. 

The same is true of news in all the mainstream media about populists.

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