Wednesday 9 October 2019

Jeremy Warner: many business leaders would prefer Corbyn to no deal Brexit

Jeremy Warner, the Daily Telegraph’s Business editor, was a Remainer but a very reasonable one. He is always interesting and seems to know better than his political colleagues the details of Brexit. 

He says today that many businessmen have told him that a Corbyn minority government would not be able to do too much harm and would be preferable to Brexit because the harm it did could be put tight. 

From his column today:
'Prior to the June 2016 vote, neither of the two main political parties could have stood on a Leave ticket, and even if they had, they’d have struggled to win an election on it. What the referendum has done is polarise the choice along party political lines, so that finally the Tories can go to the country on an overtly Leave platform.

'....Once a majority for Leave has been won by a single party, then
implementing the decision should be comparatively simple, at least in political terms. As has been recognised by Johnson’s inner circle from the start, this is the only certain way of making Brexit happen.

'...In some respects, then, the coming election will feel quite similar to the referendum campaign. “Project Fear” will be in overdrive, only this time it won’t have the Government behind it. Instead, we will hear only the seductive, siren calls of Leave, luring mariners to their doom.

'....Nein, Angela Merkel is supposed to have said to Johnson’s deal. This doesn’t sound at all like the German Chancellor, who is an extremely cautious operator who likes to keep her options open. Even so, matters are plainly coming to a head. Only an election can bring closure, but it's extraordinarily high risk on all sides. The hoped for deal seems again to be receding fast.'

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