Sunday 27 October 2019

Huawei: Is it the Americans who are spying on the world or the Chinese?

Boris Johnson, according to a report in the Sunday Times is likely to allow Huawei access to “non-contentious” parts of the 5G network. This will antagonise America, which has banned Huawei because it may be close to Chinese intelligence agencies. Is Huawei a security threat? It might be, if the CIA says so. 

Huawei’s rotating chairman, Guo Ping, said something interesting in February that has not been much spoken about. 
“The Snowden leaks shone a light on how the NSA’s leaders were seeking to ‘collect it all’ - every electronic communication sent, or phone call made, by everyone in the world, every day. The more Huawei gear is installed in the world’s networks, the harder it becomes for NSA to ‘collect it all’. Huawei hampers U.S. efforts to spy on whomever it wants.”
Some experts say all systems have security threats. I have no idea where the truth lies and wonder if anyone does. 

The Sunday Times quotes a 'senior Whitehall source' who presumably is right when he says,
“There isn’t a good substitute for some of the new technology in the West. The decision is going the same way. The reality is that if you don’t say yes, you don’t have alternatives. The West has screwed up by allowing Huawei to develop a near monopoly in this area.”
If Great Britain really had cabinet government this decision should be taken, rather than 'rubber-stamped', by the full cabinet. 

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  1. Is Huawei a security threat? It might be, if the CIA says so.

    Well we all know the CIA would never lie.

    If it's a choice between trusting the Chinese and trusting the Americans any sane person would choose to trust the Chinese. The American political establishment and the American intelligence community (a polite name for the secret police) have demonstrated over and over again staggering levels of treachery, combined with equally staggering levels of incompetence.