Saturday 19 October 2019

Boris Johnson tries to win the House and country round to his deal

If Sir Oliver Letwin does not pull his amendment and it passes today, the next step will be Tuesday’s meaningful vote to ensure that the UK can leave on October 31.

Some are saying a two week delay will be necessary but I bet Boris will not allow that to happen, if he has a choice. he said he would take us out by the 31st do or die when that seemed impossible and now it does seem possible.

Boris is in great form today - he is not usually good speaking in the House, though wonderful on the platform. He has spoken in the tone of 'glutinous emollience' which he promised to use two weeks ago.

Barry Sheerman compared him with Margaret Thatcher whom he disliked but whose sincerity he never doubted. He made it clear without using unparliamentary language that he thinks Boris a liar and charlatan. 

He has a good point about Mrs T. I disliked her too but her probity and deep seriousness of purpose look wonderful now compared with people like Donald Trump or all her successors as Tory leader, with the possible exceptions of Michael Howard and William Hague.

Boris, though he lacks so many things she had, is, I think, an equally big political figure and much more eloquent.

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