Wednesday 20 July 2022

We are at a turning point in history.

'Mr Putin spelled out his operating premise at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in late June, calling the EU’s sanctions policy a double-edged sword that would cause Europe to lose its footing in the global economy and lead to a “system-wide decline” for years to come. He left no doubt that generating inflation in the West is a primary goal. 
'“This will aggravate the deep-seated problems of European societies. There will be a further growth of inequality, which will split their societies still more. Such a disconnect from reality will inevitably lead to a surge in populism and extremist and radical movements,” he said.'

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in Telegraph Economic Intelligence 


  1. Putin proclaims arrival of new era in world history

    The Russian president has noted that now "revolutionary transformation is increasingly gaining ground"

    MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. World history is entering a new stage where truly sovereign states only can show a high growth potential, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

    Addressing the Strong Ideas for a New Time forum, Putin said: "No matter how hard the so-called supranational elites have been trying to stick to the existing world order, a new era, a new stage in world history is commencing. And only truly sovereign nations can show a high growth potential and take the lead," he emphasized.

    "Truly revolutionary transformation is increasingly gaining ground," the Russian president said.

    "This tremendous change is surely irreversible, with principles of a more harmonious, more just socially-oriented and safe world order as an alternative to the unipolar one that existed until recently taking shape both nationally and globally," he concluded.

  2. Honour comes in many forms—internal (one’s sense of one’s own worth) and external (others’ recognition of one’s worth), absolute (one has it or one does not) and relative (one’s position relative to others). Status is external and relative. It is a matter of where others rank you. Zoological and medical studies suggest that status-seeking is a biological imperative—irrespective of material conditions, low status is associated with high stress and a shorter life span. Low rank (external honour) impacts one’s sense of self-worth (internal honour) producing anxiety and a resulting desire to achieve the recognition one lacks.

    The problem, however, is that rising to the top of the pile doesn’t provide security. Quite the opposite. From the top, the only place one can go is down. In his book The Human Zoo, Desmond Morris noted that baboons have a simple strategy to deal with this. The moment even a semblance of a challenger appears, the top baboon stomps down hard on him with disproportionate force, pour encourager les autres, as it were.

    And so it is in human affairs. States seek status, and those who have risen to the top (which means the United States and its Western allies) feel a need to put anyone who might challenge them firmly in their place. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is such a challenge. Ever since the Maidan revolution of 2014, the West has determined that Ukraine lies within its own sphere of influence. By arguing otherwise, Russia is challenging the West’s honour. The West feels that it must respond or lose face.

    In duelling cultures, to which international relations may to some degree be compared, gentlemen don’t fight duels with people of lower social status. A challenge does not have to be met. One can brush it off as beneath contempt. The fact that the West has chosen not to do so in this instance is revealing. It demonstrates that the West feels insecure in its hegemonic status. It is aware that as economic power shifts to the east, political power is shifting with it, and as a result its relative status is declining. It cannot let the challenge pass—thus the vehemence of the response.

    Status anxiety and the war in Ukraine
    Russia is challenging the West’s honour. The West feels that it must respond or lose face
    Paul Robinson / July 21, 2022 / 7 min read