Tuesday 12 July 2022

Russian blogger: 'What do the first weeks of HIMARS use in Ukraine tell us? That it will not be possible to get out of the war while saving face.'

A Russian blogger Dmitryev, who has around 100,000 followers, is very despondent about Russia's chances in the war. 

'In Donbass, the Russian Armed Forces managed to create a local offensive advantage and the Russian command assumed that it would now be possible to slowly push the border westwards from city to city, but now the AFU [Armed forces of Ukraine] has an antidote - they are smashing ammunition depots.

'I am trying to understand what can stop this negative scenario developing - when Ukraine becomes a field of missile war and Russia gets bogged down in losses and subsequent socio-economic problems - and I can't think of anything.

'To be honest, I don't see a military solution. The only thing that can reduce its intensity is some kind of global crisis, with crises in each specific country, which will push the causes of the war, very abstract, into the background.'

He also thinks Ukraine will be destroyed, which is what I fear and why why I want a peace settlement quickly. Boris Johnson didn’t, which is one of his worst mistakes.

But one is impossible if either side hopes to win.

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