Wednesday 6 July 2022

1776 was the first mass shooting incident in America


The American revolution was the first mass shooting incident in America, if you think about it, and the worst until the unnecessary and illegal civil war against the Southern states.  The men of 1776 are better described as murderers.  

When you think about it, why do people think George Washington any better than Putin? 


  1. American independence was part of a broader global movement where the merchant class got uppity and didn't want to deal with the constraints of an aristocracy or powerful religious institutions. Putin's actions are more isolated to Russian expansionism.

  2. I see you still haven't lost your hatred of americans.

    What's the matter, really? Resent the fact that airstrip one has been reduced to province status by the Global American Empire?

    Or, do you pine for another Thatcher to help kill more of her soldiers and poor argies over a couple of rocks?

  3. Mrs Thatcher was the most devoted camp follower of America, which is one reason why I did not see her as the British De Gaulle that grown ups rightly agreed England needed when I was a boy of 6. But she was, despite that - though Enoch Powell, who saw America as our enemy, would have been much more so had he become Prime Minister. But I do not hate Americans at all. I love the ones who fought for their king, for example.

  4. 'I love the ones who fought for their king, for example.'