Friday 15 July 2022

Floreat Etona - Captain Hook's last words


The brilliant but short-lived Edwardian Tory politician George Wyndham said

The gentlemen of Europe must not abdicate.

But they have done and have been responsible for many bad things before and while doing so.

What those bad things are you can decide, gentle reader. There are lots from which to choose. But their passing in Germany and Austria Hungary led to Communism, National Socialism and the collapse of Europe altogether. Europe was divided between the Americans and Russia.

Now it's ruled by the Americans, except for Russia, Belarus and Moldova, and in the process of being transformed by immigration by Asians and Africans.

I said this six years ago.

Harold Macmillan said,

"Mr. Attlee's cabinet had three Etonians, mine has six. Everything's twice as good under the Conservatives."

I hope Boris will not be the only Etonian in the new cabinet. They have style, a sense of public duty and are not in politics for social climbing reasons. On the contrary, they are slumming.

I am not so keen on politicians from Eton, Winchester or Charterhouse as I was then, but grammar school sprogs are usually worse - Theresa May, Philip Holland...

I am a grammar school sprog myself, by the way.

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