Monday 25 July 2022

Seen on Facebook 9 years ago

'The Liberal Democracies of the "West" fought a 6 year war against "Fascist" Nations. It then entered into a 45 year "Cold War" against Communist Nations where the world was under near constant threat of Nuclear Destruction. 22 years ago the "Cold War" ended, and all we have heard about since is the evils of Fascism intermixed with a loving film about Che and the odd horror story about the evils of the "South" during the American Civil War (just for variety) ... what is wrong with this picture???'


  1. Do you agree?

  2. I suspect the impending end of the Arab-Israel conflict with the Abraham Accords, and America's declining interest in the MENA region, will have a significant political and cultural impact which will help answer a lot of this. Especially as the lobbies involved will have a consequent decline in their political influence.