Thursday 21 July 2022



I miss Boris already. The only Prime Minister in our lifetimes who was fun to listen to. His monument is Brexit.

I was sorry in his last words to the House as Prime Minister, he advised his successor 'always to stick close to the Americans'. I wish we had our own foreign policy.

But Boris, as we knew really, was not up to the job and was terribly progressive left. As I said in 2016, Hillary in drag.

Thank God we have been spared Mordaunt but it will be Liz, a very strange, weird, hollow person who might well be as bad as Theresa May. She is a Remainer which is disastrous. In the referendum campaign she extolled the importance of freedom of movement.

She seems to be stupid.

Let's hope it's Richi, who has a brain, but I assume it will be Liz.

Kemi would have been keen on mass immigration too. She is wonderful but I was wrong to want her to be PM.

Suella, who wanted to leave ECHR was the only good candidate, I see now.


  1. A critics review of the Parson’s egg of the candidates “They were all bad ,especially in parts.

  2. Hillary in drag? I should say that he resembled Bill, if Bill had been less restrained sexually and less reliable in his personal statements. Bill had a lawyerly way of sticking as close as he conveniently could to suppressio veri and suggestio falsi.

  3. Peter MacFarlance22 July 2022 at 11:51

    "His monument is Brexit"

    I hope you're right, but I fear that the Remoaners are playing a long game; it may turn out that getting rid of Boris is only the beginning.