Friday 15 July 2022

Wars happen because of mistakes


By announcing in 1981 the withdrawal of HMS Endurance from the South Atlantic Mrs. Thatcher sent the wrong signal to Buenos Aires and the Falklands were invaded. I always blamed her very much for this and think it led to the war - but this does not mean the Argentinians were not completely to blame. 

I feel the same about George W. Bush declaring at the NATO conference in Bucharest in 2008 that Georgia and Ukraine would join Nato and with Donald Trump and Joe Biden pouring heavy arms into Ukraine. 


  1. The Argentinians and the Russians, respectively, are still the clear aggressors. While Thatcher and Bush may have said or done something less than wise, they have no fault for the evil actions of some very bad hombres.

    1. Indeed. I haven't read philosophers discussing causation but there are different sorts of causation. If I leave my wallet on the top of a car in a busy thoroughfare and return in an hour or two it will be gone. Who's fault is that? The thief's. But haven't I been a bloody fool?